After a long hiatus…

I suppose that since my last post was related to the success of 2016 I should begin to say that 2017 has NOT been so boring, awful or depressing that I have nothing to say. Quite the opposite. The short version is that back in Hamilton I spent twelve weeks learning with Hamilton Public Health, then graduated the nursing program, passed the dreaded NCLEX and got myself my first RN job while still working for Hamilton Health System as an RPN. So my summer has been spent mostly golfing and reading. There, now you’re caught up– ish.

Lately I have been considering things, like do I still have something to say. Are there people out there who would be interested to hear them and if not, am I ok with that. And I think that as I have been generating a groove in my day to day life, slowly developing habits and a sort of normalcy there are things worth sharing, especially related to the practice of nursing as I know it and health care in general. So this will be my (almost 1 year since beginning this blog) re-introduction. Cue the trumpets–

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First things first, we must evaluate the title of this blog. What does meandering mean anyway.



Thanks to those definitions I feel like I can still consider myself a meandering nurse and this space my diary. Sometimes I ramble and not knowing my final destination it feels as though I am taking an indirect course.

My plan moving forward is to give more details related to the quick sequence of events I skimmed over in the introduction. I am sure there are those who are interested in reading about my time with public health or the dreaded NCLEX, but also I want to add current articles I find interesting and relate to all aspects of nursing that you can skim my intro or link to and read the full article.

For example, I read an interesting article about not just a superbug infecting hospital units and causing vulnerable patients to become more ill, but it also lives on surfaces for greater than seven days and is not killed by traditional cleaning methods — raise your hand if you remember the use of bleach to kill C-Diff days, according to this source, this fungus maybe worse.  Full article here: Stat News: A ‘perfect storm’ superbug


Publication: STAT
Article: A ‘perfect storm’ superbug: How an invasive fungus got health officials’ attention
© 2017 STAT

I found that article slightly spooky as someone who works in a hospital. Staff complained about the smell of bleach and suffered headaches, I lost a few scrub tops leaning against a still wet surface, but we may have to go back there for the health and safety of the patients.

Or on a lighter note 21 Morning Rituals for an Awesome Day. My current job is primarily Monday through Friday 9-5. (I know, weird eh) So right now it is 0744 in the morning and I have worked on this entire post. I know that I am quite zombie’esque in the evenings and just want to enjoy the comfort of my couch so to be more productive I am trying to get up earlier. I have worked through alot of the suggestions on that list to get here, and next I hope to progress to working out — eek. But sitting in silence, and being grateful – usually of my hot delicious cup of coffee was the first step. Musical motivation for this post was provided by the new Arcade Fire album:

Oh and I also do #9, tend to my house plants. I moved my laptop out into the living room as the light is better in the morning then my office, and here live my plants.

So there you have it, somewhat of a plan. Please let me know what you think in the comments, as I would love to hear from you.

Lastly, if you want to recap some of my last year’s adventures you can do so here.

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