My work here… is done

Well now I just have to pack, but it’s way easier to pack to go home then I’m sure it was when I was packing to come here (did that make sense… need another coffee..) Anyway I’ll give ya a little update of my weekend then get back to it!

So my final ER shift was on Friday and the shift went so well that my preceptor worked on reorganizing the clean supply room, nearly all day while I worked with his partner. I’d say, I could pat myself on the back for that one.

One learning point for me when I think back to arriving and was so shocked that the department is only staffed with two nurses, and it works! I not only purchased a thank you gift for my preceptor but also his two work wives as I spent alot of time learning from them as well.

At then end of the shift we had the final evaluation conference call with one of my tutors in Hamilton, and I don’t think I have ever heard more thoughtful comments about me, yes there are areas for growth but everything said between my prof and preceptor was really nice and supportive. So I’ll fist pump that!

Saturday was the hospital Christmas party so I offered to work on the nursing floor and the night was good, I had a few acutely ill patients that kept me busy, but middle of the shift it the Team Leader looked at the schedule for Sunday day shift and it was left being 2 nurses shorter then usual and we had received two sick calls (big surprise, right) So as one of two nurses not booked to work the next night I left my shift early to snooze while the other prepared to stay for a few hours of overtime until I got back.

I have to say I felt good about being able to help out on my last day as the experience of working in SL has been so positive for me. And of course everyone was so appreciative!

Speaking of appreciative, I got my turkey for Christmas…

Senior Administration spent their Friday 8 hour day shift in the ambulance bay giving staff members their Christmas turkeys – luckily its been cold enough to leave mine frozen in the trunk until I get further south — and to all those worried about me packing– see I started! I hope all my things fit in the trunk around my 20lb turkey.

Back to working — the cool part of coming back was that I worked with an RPN who works primarily in a clinic setting, so her hospital skills are a bit lacking. She had no problem asking me questions despite us just meeting for the first time. And I got to talk her through some procedures I am really comfortable with. It has been so long since I taught starting an IV and after letting her poke my hand to get a feel for it, she started it on the patient her first try! Fist pump #2! That’s one aspect that it will be nice to come back to Hamilton, I miss being more of a senior nurse on my unit, it’s hard to move from that to student, and now I get to move back. And I am actually, really bummed to leave my job here. Working here has been so great, I not excited to leave — yeas I miss my peeps, but work.. ugh

Today the goal is to get this house cleaned and my card packed. Tomorrow I begin the slow drive home. I also need to call around to see if maybe one of the shelters would like the extra canned goods and things from my cupboards, I don’t want to throw out food, but I actually have quite a surplus. I stopped buying groceries weeks ago, cooking for 1 has been difficult. I keep pulling frozen casseroles and soups out of the freezer!

I’ve got to log online for a few hours tomorrow morning then I am heading to Thunder Bay. Oh McMaster — how you torture me. All along we had a schedule that showed our last day of class being last Tuesday, but then two weeks ago we were told that we had to log on this week, and our tutor has been holding our marks hostage.. I have no idea what grade I have in the class as it is based only one 1 facilitation and 1 paper. Hope I passed! Luckily I am so done with school, thats all I want now at this stage. Just to pass!

Once in Thunder Bay I have an appointment to get my car checked over and then I have one last night to myself. I may go to the movies and I found a brewery close to the hotel I’m booked in.

Wednesday the boy is flying in and he and I will start the aprox 8 hour drive to Sault St Marie (halfway) then Thursday hopefully another 8ish hours driving then I’ll be back home! Well that’s the plan! So I won’t be online much after tomorrow morning, So everyone cross your fingers for no more snow and a safe driving conditions.




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