Under the weather

Well I must apologize, I’ve been absent this last week. I did a silly thing, after working 6 shifts in 8 days I slept too long and woke up feeling sick. Now of course working that much I had a few days off so planned to hit the big city to get groceries and my flu shot… well I did, then I got more sick. Yep, silly me. So that’s why my sleeping has been so screwy, too many night shifts and I’m still not 100% evidenced by being up again at 4am.


Oh yes, and it finally got cold here. It went from 10 degrees to -10 degrees practically overnight. I feel that is what is in store for all of my Southern Ontario friends (muahaha).

Anyway, I’ve been feeling crappy and had no boy to make me soup or tea, so I slept alot and then alternated between lying on the couch, and making pretty easy dinner recipes I could freeze.

This healing broth has really saved my throat.

I skipped all the add-ins and just drank the broth, this will be a new sick’y staple for the freezer.

I watched some movies also.

  1. Independence Day Resurgence – I have to say I liked the original better, for the story. However the updated effects were very cool to watch. I’ll probably watch it again sometime when I get home, in my theater to really try it out. I was very happy to see Jeff Goldblum – any actor who not only fought and beat the aliens once up close AND survived Jurassic Park.. I mean woah.
  2. Sea of Trees – Pretty much the opposite, this one. Very real story about a dysfunctional marriage and the idea of suicide. Beautiful imagery and it starred Matt McConaughey and Naomi Watts. Both of whom I enjoy watching, I felt this flick could be very relateable to alot of people. And between the smells of the soup and tearing up for this movie in a congested haze – I cleared my head a bit 😉 
  3. Our Kind of Traitor – This I had been looking forward to as it is based on an espionage novel by John le Carre. Very cool story line, the right amount of action and a really good cast. Definitely recommend this one!

So after 4 days of  hibernating and nursing my own illness I decided I better get out and go back to work. I went in for a night Sunday thinking, “Its the weekend, it won’t be that busy..” ** I can see all my nursing friends laughing at me** Because – of course- it was Crazytown! First we were short one nurse, there were 6 patients across the ward that needed pre-op packages done, 5 for transfers to other sites. Plus Sunday is count the crash cart night… and I think you get it.. the list goes on and on. All I needed was one confused patient to throw off my groove — so, I got one! Poor old grandma blind, with a hearing loss and spoke minimal English, she didn’t like her dinner, so didn’t eat much and so rang continuously through the night because she was hungry.

Then when I offered to take the 1 ECG machine on the floor and do all the patients who needed morning ECGs I got multiple looks like I had a third eye — Mom – you would have been proud! I did 5 ECGs, 2 in isolation and changed my incontinent patient in 60 minutes. And as much as these nurses here work together for alot of things, me doing this seemed so foreign – and then we discussed me giving my two weeks notice!

That’s right guys! Were down to approximately two weeks and I’ll be home. And I will know more about that as soon as my boy books a flight to come and get me – I really don’t know what he is waiting for… anyway – I’ve got a few term assignments to wrap up, I’m booked 3 more ER shifts and then I’ve got to pack up and plan my drive home. And I have to say I am looking forward to it, my feelings so far is that this is an amazing place to be a nurse but 3 months with the stresses of school and being away from everyone and trying to maintain relationships at a distance is a real challenge, on top of work, on top of the location.. I think you get it.


So the rest of my week is busier and I’m feeling better’ish – not quite 100% but these viruses seem to linger. Hopefully next time I post I will have more of a travel itinerary to update you with!

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2 thoughts on “Under the weather

  1. Hi Friend! I’ve been enjoying your posts 😀 The weather wa the same here Friday was 20 and gorgeous and Saturday dropped down to about 2 and gave us a dusting of snow. Safe travels home in a couple of weeks.


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