Another cold gray day in SL

Well good afternoon all! I’ve only got a few things to update on and then I’m going to do a currently – post that I am copying from a blog I follow…

(Iowa Girl Eats – I started following back when the boy and I moved in together and I started cooking meat, the recipes on this site use simple ingredients and not too difficult, a few of our favorite recipes are from here, like Crispy Gnocchi with Zucchini, Sweet Corn and Basil)

First piece of news. I won a bursary through Hamilton Health Sciences!


Sadly I won’t be able to make the awards ceremony but they are going to snail mail the check home. Yay! Know anyone else on this list – make sure to given them a high five!

And onto what is currently happening with me.

Place & Time:  It is 6:03 pm Central time, and I’m sitting at the bar style kitchen table in the kitchen/ living room. Just noting that I should turn some lights on – it’s getting reasonably dark in here even with the patio door curtains open.

Awaiting:  Well this is exciting for me.  The new season of SHERLOCK has an air date! In January of this year the show released one episode to movie theaters and it had been at least a year previous to that we had seen any new episodes.

Wearing: My new Ugg Slippers, obviously. And also during my road trip to Thunder Bay I picked up a pair of mens sweat pants. I had only brought one pair for myself and it getting colder wanted a second pair to lounge in. Now, I can hear you all asking, why buy mens? Well I can tell you that there is pink tax, and this video here is of a social experiment done in Toronto to highlight it.

What this means if that products labelled for men are priced less then similar or the same product for women. Pay attention it will really start to piss you off when shopping. And looking at the choices from Wal Mart’s website I bet the men’s will last longer too.

Snacking: Let me introduce you to slightly boring in this regard. I’m drinking water and eating carrot sticks and hummus. Yep- boring. I am however planning to bake some muffins later. I picked up Great Value Bran Muffin mix and instead of just adding an egg and water, I’m going to add lemon juice and cranberries (Thanks Pinterest) My experiment with chocolate cake mix, zucchini and banana turned out way better then the Spice cake and pumpkin puree.

Loving:  My Nutribullet. Not only am I still adding veg to my daily smoothies but I’ve been hooked on blending frozen fruit and adding Perrier to add some bubbles. This is proving to be effective in both my effort to ration the amount of red wine I brought with me and decrease my overall alcohol consumption.

Also a close second the news that Victoria Beckham will be designing for Target! Don’t believe me click the link. So we all have girl crushes, I won’t deny that I’ve followed what she’s done with her hair over the years, if only she carried a Roots purse she’d be my total trend icon – Posh Spice & Target.. the tagline on the Huffpost article above is “When 2 brands become 1”

Eating: Dinner tonight is this recipe for Carrot Noodle pad thai. I’ve made this one before and my sauce was off, so this time I picked up this already done sauce, and give that a whirl. The recipe makes enough for two, so I’ve also got lunch tomorrow!



Craving: Pizza. I’ve had to settle on buying frozen but it’s just not the same. The boy tells me he’s going back to the cottage this weekend, and he loves the Ottawa/Quebec area for their pizza, me on the other hand just want Bella Noellas. If you’re in St Catharines and still haven’t tried them, what are you waiting for – but please you don’t need to share with me how good they are I have a feeling a certain girls night in December will have to be fueled by pizza. (wink wink ladies)

Reading:  Well as I am puttering around the house or relaxing in the evening I’m still working through Outlander book 6 A Breath  of Snow and Ashes. (I’m on chapter 71, which is probably halfway through.) Alternatively on my Kindle I’m reading If I stay, Gayle Foreman.

Listening to: Today was a home day that involved some schooling, obviously some blogging and some surfing, so I listened to one of my fav bands on Spotify. To anyone who has been in my car and the boy of course can attest to my attraction to tango/fusion and this band specifically – what great background music to just chilling in front of my laptop.

Feeling: A little sore, I have been back at the yoga and slowly been incorporating some kettlebell and strength training. Not alot as it has been so long, but enough that I am already feeling it. Next week I am also participating in a 7 day reset through another blog I like to follow. Fitnessista has a supportive community of blog followers so we already have a Facebook group up and talking, getting to know the other challengers to keep us accountable. Hopefully tomorrow is a little brighter so I can go outside and then have a long yoga session!

Screen Shotting:  Or perhaps in my case I should call this pinning. So I’ve been looking at alot of interior design photos because the boy took our living room furniture up to the cottage, so I was hoping he’d plan some reno work while I was away and then I can redesign the look of our main room when I got back. So internet window shopping now.

Yeah so we’ll see. I also don’t expect to have any cash right away to fund this endeavor but I can plan right?!?

Well this was fun. I must crack open a bottle of red and get to making my pad thai for dinner. As always – I miss you all and hope all is good with you!

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One thought on “Another cold gray day in SL

  1. I feel like your midlife crisis is over by the sound of you blog !! Pink tax ? Omg !! I don’t think I really want to compare prices cause I will get pissed off ! Pizza is is for our mid drunk refuelling !! Miss you Rhiannon !! Xo

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