A little Mid-trip Crisis

So this week was less “nursey.” I only worked a couple of shifts and they were relatively uneventful. Nice break right? Well…

So with all the extra time I decided to get ahead on my school work once the dreaded midterm evaluations were completed. I have one PBL session that I am working on with a partner back in Hamilton – so clearly there are some technical issues when planning but we’re getting it done. And one “scholarly” paper and I actually started researching that one. It is worth 50% of my grade, so I think it was the right call not to rush it.

The weather definitely has gotten colder I have been out walk/jogging only a few times because of the rain, I don’t wanna get sick! And then because of the gray and cold and teacher/school stress I hit a bit of a low point.

All you guys at home are probably like — what… why didn’t you call me!! And to that I reply, I dunno… when someone is sad or feeling a little blue sometimes its good to just catch up on sleep and Netflix. And me being me, took it one step further, I was on my way out of town to go to Dryden to get groceries and a pumpkin spice latte, because I have not even had one yet. Sad and shameful x-barista I am. Anyway my cellphone cut out and I lost the chat I was having and when I reached the TransCanada Highway (right to Dryden, and left to Thunder Bay) I went left.


Yep, put audiobook (Still listening to Outlander book 6) on and drove 4 hours to Thunder Bay, right to the mall actually. Shopping always helps! I was famished when I arrived and enjoyed a Greek dinner in the food court. Bought myself some more teas and a new travel mug from David’s Tea and a really nice pair of Ugg Slippers from Soft Moc. Then I went over to the grocery store, got what I actually needed then got back in the car. Then the realization of what I had done hit me, it was dark. And I had a 4+ hour drive home. Damn-

Rest assured I took my time and made it back safely. The boy and I chatted for a bit. Saw only a few foxes and some cats prowling out along the road (sigh of relief).  I did however not Plan filling up on gas well because it was quite late getting close to SL and everything was closed. So I had to drive the extra 20km to Dryden to fill up, but I got in one more chapter and my gas tank if full as opposed to running out on the lonely stretch of highway to SL.

Conveniently I also got an email offering me 1/2 price to restart my Yoga Download.com account, so I did that as the options for attending classes here are minimal and I’m sure those close to me can say, that they can tell when I am stressed and haven’t been to a class. I may not be super flexible but I do feel the meditative and calming effects that allow for a clearer head and better coping.

So more teas (Buddha’s BlendMidsummer Night’s Dream & Stormy Night) These were new to me, I also stocked up on Jessie’s Tea— It’s my fave caffeine free tea. New very cozy, and warm slippers to keep my feet warm. A long drive – which helped, with Jamie and Claire.

So today, I plan to use this copycat recipe to make The Cheesecake Factory’s Bang Bang Chicken for dinner. I used a Betty Crocker Chocolate cake mix and finagled zucchini, banana chocolate muffins (well cupcakes – no icing though) And I’m going to clean my house, work on my paper and finishing binge’ing  Netflix Jessica Jones.

I think I am ready to tackle the next 6 weeks! This is a long stint as much as time is going by quickly, it’s still a long time. I feel more renewed now, writing it down.

Hope all is good with you all! And thanks for reading, it okay – I really do feel better now 🙂

PS: So I finished and published this article then read this article was in my email  Difference between Introverts & Extroverts. And I found it to be reassuring that some of my distance anxieties are related to my personality, just one more reassuring tidbit – that I truly am okay. Some of you would see a little bit of both personality types in me, but I really am introverted until I get emotionally charged either with an intense situation, like at work or with the help of etoh. Probably in working toward where I want to go with my career (Sorry 8 South, I am not a lifer) these are areas that I need to explore to find something that will suit me and my personal life. (Its also nice when considering life plans I have a supportive partner who – we both – can work almost anywhere. So long as we don’t have to move to Virginia — yikes!) Now I’m actually going to let you all get on with your weekend.

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3 thoughts on “A little Mid-trip Crisis

  1. Have really enjoyed reading about your adventures Rhiannon! In so much that you seem to be in a funk this week it is always good to gather around you the things that make you feel good. Yoga for the mind, tea for the senses and a delicious book to entice your imagination, helping to block out those pangs of homesickness that hit us all a time or two. Nursing is one career that can be all devouring! Learning it and living it without your familiar surroundings/ comforts will make you even better than you already are, giving you tools to conquer whatever comes your way as you develop/ponder what area/place you want to settle into. Bravo to your sense of adventure and willingness to leave the ordinary/usual behind! Take good care and best of luck in your coming weeks! Karen C.


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