Five weeks in Sioux Lookout

Can you believe it, five weeks already. I just finished my two orientation shifts on the nursing floor and I slept way to long today, so after binge’ing season 3 of TWD  and opening a new bottle of red, I feel like a teensy bit of reflection is in order, and this not Rhiannon the McMaster student, so just some thoughts of mine in a short & sweet Top 10

  1. Netflix can be a good distraction. As one who never had it I certainly am enjoying it now. Alot of my fav shows that were copied on my laptop pre crash are on here, so now I can watch em.
  2. I always thought it was great having a 14 minute commute to work, now I have a 4 minute commute. I would walk more but there is always the worry about the bears, and its getting darker so much earlier. So I’ll keep the 4 minute commute.
  3. I still procrastinate when it comes to school work. I have actually been watching YouTube videos teaching myself to french braid my own hair as opposed to focusing on major assignments of the term. Bet I’ll be able to do it by December.
  4. Having two crockpots and lots of mason jars are the key to eating healthy, now I just need to plan enough in advance to buy all my groceries on a trip to Dryden as opposed to having to pay more at the grocery store in town.
  5. Found myself a fitness group. I guess if the unpublished goals of my trip were to loose a few pounds, quit smoking and find balance for myself a social fitness group is a great start!
  6. I have never worked with so many Murses (pardon the slang term).Now the town of SL has had alot of different industry come in and the only one that has stuck and is doing really well is the hospital. So is that why there is more of a balance between women and men in the nursing industry..? I don’t know, but it certainly cuts the catty’ness of the shifts I have worked up till now.
  7.  It is refreshing to talk to so many people who have left southern Ontario behind to have a life up here. There are more nurses and hospital staff that I have spent time with talking to that are transplants to SL than those who were born and raised here.
  8. We think the healthcare system is bad in Southern Ontario, you should compare it to the residents of Northwestern Ontario. Not only is there a challenger in caring for people who speak a different language but there is generations of Aboriginal Canadians that distrust us for terrible atrocities of the past, I feel like if I make a barely english speaking person smile, I have made a difference in this person’s overall health and trust with myself as the caregiver, what a different feeling!
  9. One thing I miss about my Boy is sleeping alone – or the more frequent thought is that getting into a cold bed all the time sucks, I miss my lazy boy who would warm the bed for me!
  10. I always think about the value of being a nurse when it comes to making friends, or maybe just being welcoming. We spend so much time together working that the time to discuss our personal lives and make connections pops up early – my last post I mentioned how sad I was missing Davids Tea Earl Grey, and one of my new colleagues is willing to pick me up some on her next trip to Thunder Bay!

Anyhoo I’ve been trying to word a post about the cultural training I attended but feel as though I haven’t got the words right yet. I hope to share the experience with you soon.

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Hope all is well at home and let me know what the heck is going on with you guys! I’d love to know! Miss you guys!

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