Experiencing Technical Difficultites

So today is Friday, and I was hoping yesterday to give you all a nice update on my recreation time here, I got outside had a lovely 10k walk/jog around town, took some photos. Hit 10000 steps on my Fitbit (always good for a day off) however  I sat down to try to further some computer specs for the Skype call I was supposed to have this week and work again at assessing WebEx and Blackboard for my missed PBL class and noticed that not only am I still having camera difficulties but I lost Bluetooth connectivity.



So one little problem let to multiple little problems. And most of you who know me, know that I am pretty savvy with computers, and then there is Mr IT who, that is of course his job. Well not little laptop problems like mine, however he knows a lot more than I do. So we tried to tackle the problem… and nope, nada, nothing, computer not doing what I need it to do. So I relented and called tech support. An hour later they blamed Windows (kinda saw that coming) alas I had found that Home Hardware had (1) 32gb memory stick on hand and I rushed over the buy it to create a recovery drive. Now if I had a stick large enough I would have done all this with tech support on the phone but I didn’t, so I wrote down the instructions and let MSI- Lucas off the hook. Now in my preparation of this recovering my computer to factory defaults (Goodbye Windows 10- Hello Windows 8) I was neglected to be informed that this Burn Recovery process has 2 options, and me being the Eeyore that I am of course chose the wrong one, and completely wiped everything off my drives. Yep – goodbye Ebook collection, photos and school files… buh bye! So I spent a good part of last evening cursing and reinstalling as much as I could Software’wise and sulking about my loss of photos over a glass of red wine.

So Friday, I’m back online’ish. And catching up and trying to get organized with school again. Still trying to make Skype work… – any experts out there? And why on every ad related to Skype I never noticed them needing an external microphone?! So perhaps the trip to Dryden will have to happen sooner than planned. ugh!

So here I am essentially starting over, put all the rest behind me and get down to what needs to get done.


The weather today is supposed to go up to 18 degrees with a chance of rain. So maybe I’ll walk/jog the route around town again. Then I will pass all retail outlets that may sell computer related cables.

I did have my first telephone tutor meeting so I have a lot of planning regarding the course and connecting with my preceptor. I’ve got a very chilled Spotify channel on right now and I think that will help me stay focused to the tasks at hand. So I’ve got today and tomorrow to get all this back on track and then a busy week working ahead.

Anybody got any really sweet weekend plans? Let me know in the comments below!

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