Back to School

Now before we get into that little bit of organized (or some may argue.. disorganized) chaos that is the first week back to school, let me finish off the weekend.

Thanks to the helpful Saturday Day shift in the SLMH ER department I left with a dinner recommendation, and here we thought we had exhausted all the dining in Sioux Lookout.And did we ever enjoy that dinner!  We made reservations for Foxys. I had the Saturday special – Smoked pork chop with scalloped potatoes, glazed carrots and a greek salad (yumm..yumm) And a jealous boy shared his Surf & Turf (King crab legs!) with fresh blueberry cheesecake for desert. Def best meal we had all week! A real blogger would have taken photos – me, no, I’m just not there yet.

Sunday I had to put the boy on a plane and send him home to finalize the sale of our cottage in Que. So after a lazy morning we took the 10 minute drive out of town to the airport. He flew from SL to Thunder Bay then connected to Toronto.

That’s it there folks, little airport and little planes. The type of airport that there is no security or xray, you are expected to declare everything. And the boy tells me there is a Starbucks even hiding in that tiny building. Ha! I assume that maybe for the tourists coming into the area for their hunting/fishing vacations from the big urban cities where they live.

And then there is going back to school…

giphy (3).gif


It really has been a glorious August! I imagine that my novel reading will decline again *sigh*  Well this term I am taking Professional Practice and an Online PBL course. And thank goodness for the McMaster Nursing 2017 Facebook Group or else I’d be completely lost. So as a collective I think everyone agreed the online PBL started today and one person had directions as to how to access the class.

Of course, me being in a different time zone and apparently Bell Mobility does not have the same service I have been accustomed to in Hamilton. So I was able to get online for about 10 minutes while the group was on break – fail. Well I have 7 more days to try to establish a better link for the course.

Today I also renewed my long overdue Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Training. I haven’t done that in years, I wonder if HHS even offers it anymore..? I heard that the Conestoga colleagues (Shout out!) Also have to do it as a graduation requirement. It’s actually really useful – I think of all the Code White’s and SORs I’ve filled out over the years on Medicine and wonder if we all had that would the outcomes be any different. Very cool that SLMH offers this to all staff and its available for staff to renew their certification on a yearly basis.

As for my Professional Practice course. I am meeting with my tutors via Skype this week. Anyone familiar with that? Wanna chat so I can make sure I know how to use it – sometimes I’m the super techy one, other times I’m way behind the times.

So it was wonderful seeing all my peeps and their kiddies on their first days all dressed up! Hope all the parents enjoyed the day as well!

So this is it for me today, I’ve got a night shift to prepare for and I think I’m gonna prep for the 21 Day Fix. More food and exercise less wine.. right?

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6 thoughts on “Back to School

  1. Rhiannon, I am thoroughly enjoying your blog and love seeing the pictures. I wish you lots of success and learning opportunities while you experience the north!


  2. So jealous of back to school…I already caved to back to school sales and scooped up some of my fav pens! I’m sorry I could pop by for a hug. Do you have an address that we can ship goodies to you? Keep up the good work…hope the Internet gets better ..
    .how can you watch her TWD!!! Talk soon..xo


  3. Oh I’m sure I’ll be able to find TWD, if not there is alway binging over Christmas vacation when I’m home, haha. Thanks for the note. I’m trying ot determine mailing address as I may need some Amazon backup..keep ya posted!


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