Welcome to Sioux Lookout

Well it’s raining here today so I suppose the best time to recap our first few days here getting settled in.


This is Chris – the hotelier of the Little Blue House, just outside of downtown where we have been staying all week. He was our welcome to the city and it took us a few minutes to decide on the “northern tool” to which he would pose for this photo. I suggested the axe based on all of the chopped wood and woodworking he has done around the property – he asked me to caption the photo “Here’s Johnny” little to his knowing the book we listened to the way up. haha.

With giving us the tour of the house he included some tibits about the city. How to navigate, this small town.So we set off on foot. Wednesday morning the weather was lovely.

After getting down to front street which is the closest to the railway tracks we followed it west toward the lake and the boy smelled cooking bacon, so we stopped for breakfast at a breakfast/burger/chinese restaurant Fifth Avenue Club. We’ve found our breakfast joint, then we continued exploring.

20160831_100715 (2) It seems that to anyone looking to shop, or eat downtown they are not subject to pay for parking! How great is that! There isn’t a whole lot in the downtown of this metropolis but we did find the grocery store and $75 later I bought some necescities (yep $75) just some produce, sandwich fixins and cream.

Most of the town is residental with a few business mixed in. We walked up to the hospital its less then 20 minute walk from The little blue house.

Two walks in one day, the weather was great so we needed to – you know, relax for a while then we hit up The Forest Inn Bar & Grill for dinner on the patio. Pickerel was on special – local caught (They boy had that) with a local brew from Kenora while I enjoyed a glass of red and some pasta.

Thursday I started to get organized, between my courses and orientation while the boy set off to be northern and shoot his gun.

I later met with both the educator of the ER department and also HR for my placement/job.


I was accepted to do my 288 hour placement within the ER and hired on casual part-time for the med/surg unit. So the next few weeks will be busy as I coordinate a bit of both and start class.

The hospital  is only a few years old and has a large hostel on the property. I learned that because this site services the northern communities those patients are flown in and cannot just be discharged as they may not be able to get back to their home, so they have access to the hostel until they can book a flight back to their homes.

Being employed by this hospital gave me a perspective into a few differences from HHS. First they have all new staff meet with a kinesiologist within the rehab department to go over safe lifting, pulling procedures to identify any potential problems related to their position. Second there is a “Fitness reimbursement” for all staff. So should I join a gym, curling club or play golf, I can submit my receipts upto $100 and be repaid $50. And that is for every calendar year. When HR told me that my chin hit the floor! So a great little intro and I plan to meet my preceptor and hope to receive some class related details soon to continue planning my time here.

I’ll be back tomorrow with the rest of our settle in week. Hope you all enjoy your labour day weekend! Its supposed to rain alot and get quite cool, so I’ll be practicing my hibernation techniques — comment below as to how your spending your last weekend of summer.

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4 thoughts on “Welcome to Sioux Lookout

  1. Love reading your blog!!! That fitness bonus is awesome – we need that! At Juravinski all we have is a closet with a treadmill from 1983 in there..it’s called the “wellness centre” lol. My weekend consists of ribfest, ticats and figuring out how to use Blackboard for PBL. Looking forward to reading more!


    1. I wouldn’t get to hung up on blackboard – the newsfeed on Avenue says McMaster is no longer going to use it. Hopefully we hear something about that today. If not Tuesday maybe a bit of a circus. Enjoy your weekend!! Thanks for posting!


  2. Well…my boys (including the four legged one) and I spent the day with Bill’s parents. Hang out in the pool and played water volleyball with Justice. I made burgers and had some awesome store bought coconut pound cake🙌
    Can’t wait to read the next blog!!!


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