The drive (day 2)

After an early crash Monday night we were up and ready to roll fairly early Tuesday. The plan was to get to Sioux Lookout, hopefully before dark. It was cool and foggy. No rain expected but the weather looked good for the 860 km we had to drive.


I was driving first and planned to drive to Thunder Bay. We started out of the Parkway Motel by 0900h. And this was a fantastic motel to crash, clean with lots of amenities. Perfect for the long distance driver.

So off we went, in search of a diner for breakfast and all we could find near the highway was a Tim Horton’s (sigh) My love/hate relationship is the subject of another post. But we stopped at a tourist overlook “Wawa Goose” and snapped a few photos and woke up with our coffee.

wawa goose
The Wawa Goose
View of the TransCanada Hwy

Yep, aren’t we Road Tripping Gorgeous! haha… Off we go. Within the hour we hit White River, Ontario; home of Winnie the Pooh. It started to rain, so we found a diner and had breakfast.

It was coming through this beautiful area that we noticed there are turnoffs from the Trans Canada Highway that are scenic overlooks.. (I know, duh, right?) So we took our next stretch break at Aguasabon River Gorge, in Terrance Bay, ON.


The weather had improved and warmed up considerably. The boy began to break in his new phone and snapped lots of driving shots out the windows. After he really scrubbed the bug massacre that existed on my windshield. These shots between Terrance Bay and Thunder Bay.

Now we were reaching the climax of “The Shining and we had a snack break in Thunder Bay and switched drivers. We dined in Ignace, about 90 minutes outside Sioux Lookout at Burger Scoop. Number 1 restaurant in Ignace, and the burgers were awesome!

We made it to “The Little Blue House” around 2000 and before dark! Score! The owner Chris was in contact with us through the drive giving us tips and pointers. He was outside when we arrived and gave us the tour of this lovely house. We’ll be here until Sep 7. Chris even left this in the fridge for us!


Nothing better then an icy cold pint after the long drive! And all it took was one before we crashed again. Happy to be here!!

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