The drive (day 1)

So this last weekend was busy preparing and spending time with loved ones before the trip. I really wanted to give my car a good cleaning before the drive as I had a visitor who left a lot of himself behind…


So that didn’t happen, oh well. Packing I think went well. I mean it was a challenge as I have to consider packing for potentially 3 seasons. 3 months, and unknown as far as accessibility for groceries. I spent alot of time reading blogs of other travel nurses and how they packed. And this is how it all looked pre-car. Not shown is the two cases of wine, and the boy’s weekend bag. Then I tetris’d it and got it easily inside the car — Nailed it!

So we planned to leave by 1000 – miss the Toronto bound traffic and hopefully get up the 400 without incident. The plan was to tackle half the drive on day one which takes up to Wawa, Ontario.  This is the route we took, 968 km googled to take 10 hours. And we did not forget to grab our trusted 407 transponder!map2wawa

And we were on the road by 1010 am. It was a very “blues brothers” start to the drive we were pumped. Then we hit the QEW… and based on my chosen intro photo you can imagine how our excited energy died. And I won’t bore anyone with predictable photos of the QEW (slow going and lots of traffic) to the 407 (less cars able to speed a bit) and then to the 400 (back to slow going, with lots of cars) .

So we listened to Stephen King’s “The Shining” and got completely sucked in – even the boy’s traffic commentary related to the intelligence of other drivers was at a minimum.

The highway opened up after Mt St Louis Moonstone. The boy drive and I snoozed listening to the book, so sucked in sleep was minimal. And there is a lot of highway construction going on that slowed us down. The skies were clear and the temps averaged in the mid-twenties.


Around 1900 we arrived in Bruce Mines, Ontario. Time to walk a bit and have some dinner, because of the construction we still have 3ish hours to drive. So we dined at Bobber’s. Then walked around the marina area.

And now it’s getting dark, my turn to drive and instead of having the boy take photos of the sunset we listened to our creepy book and were vigilant to watch for deer and moose.  During my white-knuckled evening driving I saw one “animal” if in Hamilton I would have assumed it was a raccoon or cat, but up here it may have something else… We reached the hotel in Wawa right at 2200h. And we pretty much crashed immediately.

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