Overwhelmed is an Understatement

Today is Saturday, and the plan is to hit the road Monday morning… slightly nervous. This week has been a whirlwind of ups and downs and as much as I know I have gotten important things done, I feel like I am nowhere ready to move away for three months.

During my last full week in Hamilton I tried to visit with family and friends, get a jump on shopping, laundry and “organizing” with the school and what I am going to bring.

For those who saw me — you know how I was doing with all this. [[Insert apology to the boy here, he very calmly just kept telling me to get some sleep, I was a teensy bit,wound up by Friday afternoon…]]


giphy (1)

So instead of having a pity party by which you guys all feel like sending me motivational quotes and pictures I’m going to share what I have completed- hurrah!

    • Hair done. Visited Jenna at Bamboo Salon and she painted and trimmed my hair so it will be gorgeous looking until I get home in December.
    • Visit with mom, bestie and baby bestie. And this took all night. Mom and I spent a few  hours together catching up and discussing plans over a cheese plate at Johnny Roccos, hot humid summer days like today the location in St Catharines has a lovely shady patio. And then it was an emotion filled evening/night with bottles of red wine with my bestie. Why haven’t we done that more often??
    • Wednesday I blasted the Sonos speakers in the house and did my usual bounce from room to room cleaning and tidying but not really feel as thought I accomplished much but multiple loads of camping laundry, a clean bathroom & kitchen would suggest otherwise.
    • Night shift — silly, silly Rhiannon…
    • Thursday morning — attend BLS or CPR training at work. This task took alot alot of coffee and note that when pretending to do chest compressions on a dummy your FitBit counts as steps.
    • Night shift — no longer silly, just plain crazy. And of course it was the busiest shift I have worked in a while. But nice to see both shifts to hug and high five as many coworkers as possible before I leave.
    • Swap for winter tires on my car. And note to the mechanic — don’t try to swindle a girl when you are taking hours to do a job that lasts minutes and she’s hanging around her workplace hours after shift waiting…
    • Hit grocery store for BBQ preparations
    • Hit up school to drop off last of Non-Academic Requirements (proof of CPR completion) and pick up Global Health pre-departure package (See ya in January McMaster!!)
    • Nap time… uh huh.. bliss
    • Pick up coffee, fresh roast and ground from Relay Coffee Roasters. I couldn’t possibly be without coffee and was nice enough to get the boy some as well. How else could I have achieved so much on so little sleep this week — yep coffee.

So you may have noticed that you have not seen the words “pack” well on the list for today includes bottle a ridiculous amount of wine.. necessity 🙂



Host a pre-travel BBQ (For all those in the area pop by for a hug and/or high five this afternoon or evening!)

Begin to play Tetris with packing various size totes in car, to get an idea on how much space I really have. Then I can start filling said totes thus packing.. freaking out a little!

Also we are looking for suggestions on road trippin music and or really thrilling audiobooks (that both of us will enjoy..challenge i know..) either 9 hours in length or 20 hours. Comment below if you have suggestions!

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