Roadtrippin Weekend

Happy to be home and showered this fine Monday evening. The boy and I clocked aprox 1200 km Friday through today, so we’ll call this very exciting post related because it all went down 1 week prior to the BIG drive. But the weekend did carry a few tidbits of entertainment that we are now beginning to find kinda funny.

This weekend is one of two that we camp annually in Ingleside, Ontario. The boy does his volunteering with OSARVA. Two weekends a summer he helps train rescue dogs and I get to go camping. If you’re interested the boy was part of CBC “Someone Knows Something”, as were the OSARVA team and the dogs.

So Friday we made good time driving, had camp setup and enjoying our first cool refreshing beverages but 1730.Driving was entertained by the Canadian girls winning bronze in soccer (Woot woot)! We chilled that night and listened to music and the sky lit by a nearly full moon.


Saturday was all about finding minutes to charge my cell phone because the plan was to listen to “The Hip” on CBC radio with a blazing campfire under the stars. It was a hot and humid day so I went to the beach and read JK Rowling’s “Harry Potter & the Cursed Child”. Chilled, relaxed, an ideal camping day. And we did blast the campsite with Hip music through the evening! An awesome way to experience the show since we could not attend.


And then there was Sunday. Well it seems every year when camping we get rain. This year was calling for scattered showers… however by 1000 Shawn was back to the site (dog training cancelled) and it was really raining. We watched others pack up and worked to keep our fire going, but by 1045 we bailed into the tent for a snooze.

Insert suspenseful music — shortly after 1100 we heard a crack and peeped through the tent window to see this.


Yep — an apple tree cracked and fell on my boy’s car. as the suspenseful music continues… here is how lucky we were being inside the tent.


Now as lucky as we were with the tent. The car also sustained no to minimal damage, just some scratches from the outer branches and apples. The staff was awesome and in the pouring rain they extradited the car within the hour while I enjoyed a Cesar and watched nervously.

After the car was removed, handy it being Sunday and pouring rain they had a cabin to put us in for the night so we moved some of our stuff and finally dried off.

Oh yes, and the driving. Sunday night we dined outside Ottawa with the boy’s family, and back to Ingleside.

Monday we drove into Quebec to sign the papers for our cottage (yay!) Before driving back to Hamilton.


And so concludes the story of “Our Last Camping trip” We bought a cottage!! Aprox 1200 km clocked and we love our Forester.

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